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Daily Report, October 14, 2010

Ally Parsons - Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good afternoon everyone! Your campaign may not have the budget of California's Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Meg Whitman, but her online campaign strategies are to be admired. Also, regardless of what you may have heard, email use isn't going anywhere. It is still a great way to communicate with supporters. Finally, we want to know what social media tools do you find most useful to your campaign?

Her spending is impressive but so is her online strategy: Meg Whitman has a serious understanding of online advertising and she isn't afraid to show it. Her latest Pandora ads prove it. Would you consider such an aggressive online ad campaign?

Email is here to stay: There have been reports saying that email use is down, but some are disagreeing. See why you shouldn't discard your email marketing just yet.

Which social media tool do you prefer?: Texas Gubernatorial Candidates are talking about which social media tool they find most beneficial to their campaign. So we are curious, which social media tool helped shape your campaign the most?

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